How do you position the Brand Identity

of a "Family-Run" Home Builder 

as an "Industry Leader"?


Consistently execute on a brand kit with innovative marketing content.  

For a lot of first time home buyers, their first instinct when building their dream home is to go to the industry-leading home builder. Finding success as a home builder with a "family-run" brand identity is difficult, if not impossible. This was a significant pain point Akash Homes had when dealing with no brand presence or sales coming from their online channels. Positioning them as an "industry leader" meant that we had to complete an entire in-house revamp of the digital structures. We needed to create fresh strategies for their social media, creative content, graphic design, prints, web design, and online marketing campaigns. 

Our solution was to establish and follow a consistent brand and content strategy which matched that of the leading nation-wide home builders. A consistent brand identity, coupled with high-quality content was the perfect remedy for generating leads and an online presence in this industry as their competitors lacked in this regard. We created a brand kit by utilizing design elements such as theme planning, colour matching, and font synthesizing to best fit the brand messaging Akash Homes wanted to get across to their audience. Using the brand kit and content strategy as our key guidelines, we were able to create high-quality content that best fit their brand voice and tone.


An Industry-Leading Brand backed by Industry-Leading Numbers!

Our Digital Marketing and Content Creation team collaborated to create a unique style of content and campaigns that Akash's competitors could not keep up with. With new home buyers being the focus, there are specific financial, interest-based, and location-based parameters which leads a new user to eventually becoming a lead. With this data, we broke down the users entire online home shopping experience, the types of websites they visited to conduct their research, the keywords they used, along with their character traits including occupations, age, gender, and location. We used our findings to create advertising content that is tailored and optimized for only first time home buyers.
Our campaigns lead to Akash Homes having an exponential increase in engagement from their target audience, and decreasing their cost per click by 80% within the first month! We saw a dramatic 200% increase in website traffic after launching our first brand awareness campaigns.
We found new ways to bring excitement to home-building advertising in different forms of content. This involved animations, properly associated audio tracks, and a direct call to action to drive users from an ad to a an easy-to-use landing page. We wanted to be simple yet straightforward.
Our content strategy efficiently brought in high-quality leads at costs 170% less than the industry average! The social media content skyrocketed Akash Home's organic impressions by 9525% from 800 per month to 77,000 in only two months of posting consistently.
Akash Homes successfully positioned their brand identity as an industry leader with its new slogan, "Built For Your Future."

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