5 Video Production Tips from Edmonton's Verified Creative Agency

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

As Edmonton's only verified content-first digital agency, video production makes up a vast majority of the work we do for our clients on a month-to-month basis. Video is more critical to businesses today than it ever has been; however, we still see many of our competitors failing to deliver content that solves their clients' pain points. A robust set of video production processes can help you better understand the needs and goals of your client, the scope of work, and ultimately, ensure the content you create goes to work for your client.

At Technik Creative, we've built our own set of systems and processes for video production that help us deliver results and delight our clients time and time again. For us, it all comes back to creating experiences. Below, you'll find our top five tips for video production!

1. First Impressions are Everything!

You've just received an email from a potential client asking you to quote for a project. It's exciting. I know. Making a great first impression is imperative to set your business apart from the hundreds of other video production agencies in your city. At Technik Creative, we always bring it back to two simple questions.

The first, "What kind of experience do we want to give to our clients?"

The second, "Is it an experience that they would recommend to their friends?"

So, how do we make a great first impression? Everyone who reaches out to us receives a personalized deck, containing more information on the services we offer, our team, competitive advantages, and relevant case studies. We also schedule an in-person meeting or phone call during which we ask the preliminary discovery questions, using a facilitated questionnaire. This helps us ensure we're the right fit for the client and better position ourselves to tackle their project. What follows is the delivery of a Concept Deck, which breaks down things like the client's User Profiles, Key Takeaways from the initial call, rough concepts, timeline, and an estimate of costs.

The client should never feel at any point during this introduction process that you or your team are disorganized or behind the 8-ball. The second they start to feel this way, you've ruined your first impression. Build a robust process for your first interaction with prospective clients that makes them feel like they've come to a business they can trust. Remember to ask yourself what kind of experience you want to give your clients.

2. Create a Strong Discovery Session!

The discovery phase of a video project should not be overlooked. It's impossible to know exactly what your client is looking for based on their first email and an introduction call. Jumping into a project too early and without all the critical information can be a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Whether you prefer to do your discovery phase over the phone or during an in-person meeting, make sure you're asking the right questions and getting all the resources your team needs to do the project justice.

It's important to identify things like brand kits and guidelines, key stakeholders, audience personas, timeline, budget, inspirations, and stylescapes for the production. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when you begin the pre-production phase of the project. They are, after all, the foundation for the project.

What does our discovery phase entail? At Technik, we schedule a facilitated Discovery Workshop during which we work through various activities with the client to help us connect the dots and extract the information we need. We recognize that it is essential for our clients to take the discovery stage seriously themselves, which is why we charge for our time during this process.

A strong discovery session is instrumental to the success of your production. I highly recommend you sit down with your team and discuss how you can optimize your discovery process to uncover meaningful insights and best prepare yourself for the next stage of the project.

3. Assembling the Right Team!

We'll often have clients approach us looking for a particular look or type of video. The reality is that some directors or editors are best suited for narrative videos, while others may find documentary-style work is their strong suit. Regardless, you need to assemble the right team for the project.

At Technik Creative, our production-house, Technik Films has access to some of North America's most sought after creatives from cinematographers, to colourists and editors. We recognize that bringing the wrong creatives together can be detrimental to the success of a project. Building the right team for a production stems from having meaningful conversations with your crew and understanding where their passion lies. If you can't sense the excitement from the team you've assembled, something needs to be changed before production begins.

When a client wants to achieve a specific look in their video, you need to sit down with your creative team and identify who has the best grasp on that particular style. Furthermore, determine what equipment is required to achieve the look. Does it call for crew members that know how to operate special gear like drones, techno-cranes, or rigs? Does the video require CGI work? Identify the right individuals and, most importantly, get them excited about the project.

4. Keep Client Communication at the Forefront!

There is no excuse for poor client communication ever. Again, having a robust system and process for handling client communication will make your life a hundred times easier. We always dedicate one individual from our team to take the lead on all matters related to communicating with the client and addressing their needs promptly. We also recommend sending your clients a weekly update on the status of their production.

Sending clients behind-the-scenes photos, before and after screenshots of colour-grades, and outtakes is a great way to keep them excited about their video and in the loop.

So, establish a point of contact and a communication schedule to avoid angry clients. Remember, the experience you give your clients is the difference between them never working with you again and them referring you to their colleagues.

5. Be adaptable.

Every minute planned is an hour saved during production. However, sometimes, things happen that will throw you and your crew off. Whether it's camera gear malfunctioning or a location falling through, you and your team need to be adaptable. Have a back-up to the back-up plan.

A pro tip: Perspective and mentality are everything when shit hits the fan. Instead of complaining, we've learnt to approach mishaps with an optimistic and solution-orientated mindset. Stop complaining and work together with your crew to find solutions.


6. Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Clients!

When it comes time to deliver your project to your client, think about what you can do to go the extra mile to make them say "WOW" and remember you. Get creative! You should have a well enough relationship with your client at this point to understand what type of things they like.

We follow a strict delivery process at Technik that sets us apart, makes our clients feel special, and always leaves them smiling from ear to ear!

It can be as simple as writing a personalized note or sending them a beautifully wrapped gift box.

We hope you got value from this article! If you have any questions, send me an email at, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!