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Crush Your Next Sales Pitch

The hardest part of a sales pitch is the battle within yourself. You can be the most confident person and still find your self getting nervous before a pitch. We've all been there. Driving to a meeting and you have to blast the AC even though it's below 0 outside because your shirt is drenched in sweat. Ok maybe that was just me, but you get the point. Being the Director of New Business for Technik Creative, I have been through my fair share of sales pitches. It's hard enough to even get the opportunity to pitch in front of someone, let alone close the deal. Let's be honest, you're going to suck for your first few sales pitches. But, there are a lot of methods you can use that will improve your closing rates and make your pitches go a lot smoother. So, here's a few sales tips that will help your next pitch run smoothly and settle the nerves! 

Love What Your Selling

If you're not passionate about the product or service you are selling, good luck. Think about it, if you don't believe in your product, how can you convince someone else to believe in it. In the past, I've had other sales jobs where its extremely hard to find the motivation to reach your sales goals. The one thing that can change your sales career around is finding a job where you are genuinely passionate about what you are selling. The minute the person your selling to recognizes that you doubt your product/service, they will also doubt it. The favourite thing about my job is that I get to work with clients to solve their pain points when it comes to their marketing efforts. There is nothing more satisfying than working with a company that is struggling to see an ROI through their campaigns and strategies. I get motivated to help a client who is struggling and not taking advantage of online marketing because I know we can help them find success. If you find something that your passionate about and that can help your customers, you'll find it a lot easier to reach your sales goals!

Know Who Your Pitching To

Prepare for your pitches! You must do your homework on the company that you are meeting with. Not only will you give off the impression that you are prepared, but you will also find that you won't be caught off guard as much. Research the company, it's market, competitors, and opportunities where you can provide a service to them. If you're doing sales for a marketing agency, there are many ways for you to research and come prepared as possible to your pitch. I start by going through their website and getting any information I can on their company mission statement, services and marketing efforts. For example, if a company is selling a product or service, I will do a full audit on its website, social media, advertising campaigns and SEO rankings. If the company is in a particular niche, there is a good chance that they are not running Google ad words and their competitors aren't either. This is a great opportunity for you to pitch to the client because the cost per click will be low since there aren't a lot of bidders competing. Although the volume of searches is lower, anyone searching for a product in a specific niche is usually a qualified buyer. If I spot an opportunity like this before the meeting, I have a lot more confidence going in because I know I can provide value and have success with them. This helps you prepare for your pitch to the client because you already have ideas on how you can help them realize an ROI through their marketing campaigns. 

Another useful tip when it comes to getting to know the client your meeting with is, treat it as an interview. The more you know about their company and their problems, the easier it is for you to help them. Often, I'll bring Technik's proprietary first meeting alignment workbook that helps me better understand the position the company is in and where our team can add value. 

Demonstrate your Value

If you fail to demonstrate your value to the client, chances are they will not be buying or using your services. Some of the most common questions are, "So, what do you guys do?" or "So, how can you help me?" You must be able to answer this confidently. Tell the client who your company is, the clients that you've helped, your services, and how they can benefit from working with you. Working for a marketing agency, the most important thing I can say or do to prove my value to them is showing the client that you can make money by investing in marketing. I say invest because they are investing their money into marketing in return for an ROI. Opposed to spending money aimlessly on their marketing efforts. Demonstrating your value can make or break the pitch. If the client fails to understand your value to them, they won't spend their money on you! 

Focus on your client's pain points, not your paycheck

This is so important for many reasons. Not only is it selfish, but it will distract you from the main reason your meeting with the client, to solve their pain points! Every meeting, my main goal is to find out from the client what their problems are. Pain points can be anything from, the fact that they aren't getting enough traffic on their website, they aren't great with social media, or maybe they are tired of wasting money through ineffective online marketing strategies. Once I know the client's struggles and pain points, I know precisely how I can add value to them and ultimately help them. It is essential to understand why the customer is frustrated with these pain points, and if you can provide a solution, your closing rates will be much higher. If you focus on the process and not the paycheck, you will notice your paychecks will start to grow! 

Everyone sucks at pitches in the beginning. They were not lying when they said, "practice makes perfect." Yes, it will take tons of practice, but if you follow these tips, your learning curve will be much shorter. The more confident you are in these pitches, the more confidence the person your pitching to will have in you to solve their problems. Remember, you are trying to get this person to pay you. If you treat the meeting like your only there for the money it won't, go well. Treat it as if this were your company you were working for. Come prepared, do your research, understand the market, the opportunities and the weaknesses of the company. You will naturally be more confident because you will fully understand their business and won't be caught off guard by anything. If you have any questions, or would like to ask any questions about your next sales pitch, feel free to reach out to me


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