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How do you effectively build a strong foundation for a Swiss Bakery to thrive in Alberta?


Re-Design online platforms with consistent branding and high-quality content  

In a world of mass-production and high preservative products, Täfeli has focused on continually scouring the world for the most authentic and decadent product. Their goal is to vocalize their brand message, "In our Kitchen, Quality is Key."


The only problem; they didn't know how to vocalize their message online. And with e-commerce being a large part of their business, a strong digital presence was crucial to their success.


Our solution was to re-create their website with consistent branding, colors, and fonts. From our experience creating our own six-figure e-commerce business, we knew that pumping out high-quality content on relevant social media channels would drive the majority of their target demographic to their website or storefront. We also knew how instrumental influencers would be.


Below is the Brand Film we created to spread the overarching message, "Taste the Tafeli difference".



A sense of love & appreciation for Swiss-German cookies.

Our Web Design team designed a Shopify store with consistent branding, fonts, and colors that best suited the Täfeli brand. We removed unnecessary pages from the original site, made sure all the information on the website was concise and straight to the point, and we created a streamlined funnel to give customers the best online purchasing experience. We saw a 20,000% increase in website visits within the two months.


Our Content Creation team came up with a series of photo and video content that showcased the descendant's sweetness and freshness. With this content in hand, our Creative Advertising team designed a social media campaign that would utilize influencers and key platforms such as Instagram, and Facebook to spread the message that Täfeli Cookies are "#BakedFresh" to a wide and targeted audience effectively. We also designed brochures and print material for Täfeli to use for business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs. 


Our efforts aided in Täfeli securing their first ever fundraising partnership. There was a large amount of support surrounding Tafeli. We effectively generated a 129,000% increase in active Instagram followers using digital marketing strategies such as influencer marketing. We grew their Facebook likes by 46,650% We grew their email list by 400%






social media growth


increase in web 



email list growth

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